Meet Hydra island


Hydra is just 42 miles from Piraeus and it will always takes you by surprise on arrival, as many times as you visit her.

The town is spread almost amphitheatric onto the rocky hills, with the grey colour of the rocks, that surrounds the old stone mansions and over its port. It's full of traditional mansion houses with tile roofs, wooden blue doors and windows and beautiful flowery indoor yards.

On Hydra with its 265 churches and 5 monasteries, at first glance you will see the castle with its cannons, the wonderful cove, the windmills made of stone and the graphic port ideal for afternoon walks.

The whole island has been declared as a preservable traditional settlement and it's the only island in Greece, where cars or any other vehicles are forbidden.

The only ways of transportation are the donkeys, the horses, the trolleys and the sea taxis.

For decades now Hydra is undoubtfully one of the most favourite destinations of Greek and foreigner visitors.

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